Tanks for the Memories
Season 05, Episode 15
Thanks for the Memories
Air Date September 11, 1995 (syndication), January 30, 1996 (primetime)
Writer Bruce Ferber
Lloyd Garver
Director Andy Cadiff
Previous High School Confidential
Next The Vasectomy One

Tanks for the Memories is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season. It was the first Home Improvement episode to be aired in syndication on September 11, 1995, and it first aired in primetime on the ABC network in the United States on January 30, 1996.


Tim and Jill play each other in a tank diving competition, and Jill wins. However, Tim doesn't congratulate her because he thinks she humiliated him. The boys suffer at Al's for a weekend, until they see the Tool Time game.

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