[1]Click here for top 10 reasons If you’re considering Hardie Plank Fiber Cement or another fiber cement product or vinyl as well you owe it to yourself to take a look at Everlast Polymeric Cladding. At last the home owner can have the best of fiber cement siding and vinyl siding in one revolutionary siding product.

Everlast Key Attributes include:

  • Lifetime Performance Warranty and Lifetime Fade Protection
  • 10 Deep rich colors in a warm low glass finish
  • CedarTouch natural wood grain embossing
  • No natural wood fiber – will not absorb or retain moisture
  • Superior Wind (up to 285 mph with no failure)
  • Superior Impact Resistance

We are quickly finding out that the combination of the key attributes of Fiber Cement and Vinyl is very appealing for many of our customers. As always we look forward to the opportunity of earning your business!

Some Key Comparisons

  • Like fiber cement products it has it has a realistic wood texture, wider face width (6 7/8”), is thick and durable like real wood, has non-overlapped seams for more natural look, surface won’t chip easily from hail or other debris, fire-will not deteriorate easily thus spreading flames and is compatible with a variety of trim details.
  • Unlike Fiber Cement it doesn’t have to be hard nailed it can be floated like vinyl siding. Which means it won’t conform to surface and look bad on wavy walls.
  • Unlike Fiber Cement it doesn’t needed to be painted or caulked.
  • Unlike Fiber Cement it doesn’t have specific clearances needed to protect against wicking or moisture absorption – it can be installed to grade or on roofs because it cannot rot.
  • Like vinyl siding products is colored all the way through the panel, it never needs painting – but guess what if you what a change it can be painted, has no moisture wicking wood fibers, it creates no harmful silica dust when cut and is virtually maintenance free with just a routine cleaning with a garden hose.


So if you want the look of Hardie Plank, but would like a more maintenance free future with better warranty protection Everlast just might be the perfect siding for you!

- By Buresh Home Solutions

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